Facebook Marketing tools that will increase your strategy

Facebook is one of the most well known  and used social media websites online. How do you take advantage of Facebook in your marketing plan to help grow your business? Well it isn’t as hard as you might think, just a few simple steps will lead your marketing strategy into the right direction. If you focus on just a few of these in a month you will start noticing a change.

1. Fans – Facebook is all about how you connect with your fan. On you posts ask them questions, share your content or write content of their own on your Facebook page, or feature a fan of the month. Get your fans involved.

2. Events – Remember how Facebook is all about your fans, events are a fun and often innovative way to connect with your fans. Throw an online party or scavenger hunt, be informative by hosting a webinar or press conference just be creative.

3. Contest – Issue a fan challenge and award fans who are being interactive, offer a fan contest for sharing, host a video contest, or sponsor a contest for other companies or blogs.

4. Collaboration – Guest post on another page, review a colleagues’ product, host a blog tour and then integrate it, giving back to your fans and others in your niche will always pay off in the long run. Local companies are always great to work with like this company.

5. Ads – Using ads can be helpful if you target the right people, same interest, likes, locations, gender, etc. Including a call to action or video in your ad will set you apart from others and be more eye catching. Don’t just advertise your website, think about events your hosting, activities your participating in, or a new product line. You want your ad to set you apart. The use of QR codes are a great way to help your fans get to where you want them to go specifically. Send them straight to your products or event page so they don’t get lost in transition from one site to the other. QR codes are also great for store locations, virtual tours, or other product options.