How To Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Friendly ComparisonSo, Mobilegeddon has come and gone and it appears the world as we know it is still standing. However, have you checked your mobile rankings? How are they doing? Has your site continued to rank well even with the change in the mobile ranking algorithm or did you get hit because your site is not mobile-friendly? Well, if you’re not sure, this is the insight we had promised in an earlier post – how to make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Google’s Rules – Use Google’s Tools

Google has seen the increase of mobile usage and search and has realized for some time that many website are not optimized to display on mobile devices properly. In a effort to provide the best results to their users. Since it is Google that has made a “Google-god” choice in changing the algorithms, it’s probably best to utilize their methods of determining if a site is mobile-friendly or not. Thankfully they have given such tools.

For individual URLs – their method by which you can check individual pages for their mobile-friendliness is a helpful URL checker at This method allows you just check one URL at a time and allows you to check any URL that you would like – whether you have control of the site or not. For the result it gives you a screenshot of how Google is seeing it in “mobile” form and can be very helpful for you to see this if you have not seen your site in its mobile version before. They also give bullet point issues that need to be corrected such as the text and images not changing size to fit into a mobile presentation effectively. In addition, you can also use this method to do a little competitive research if you don’t have another means by which to see the mobile version of a page. Put your competitors URL in the test and see what their screenshot looks like. This may also help you determine the format that you would like your mobile version of the page in as well.

For site wide adherence check, Google recommends you simply add your site to Google Webmaster Tools and then check their mobile usability report. This tests your entire site for mobile friendliness and can be helpful in uncovering possible areas of your website that don’t have the correct coding or responsiveness to bring mobile users to a mobile version of the page. This is also helpful if you are trying to rank in Google as it gives you a lot of insight into how Google crawls your site and if there are any other issues they are having difficulty with on your site. Google Webmaster Tools is a useful platform for any website owner -regardless of whether you are trying to determine your mobile friendliness or figure out when and how Google crawls your site.

There you have it. The best way to determine your sites mobile friendliness is by checking out how Google sees it. Thankfully they have provided easy to use tools to determine if changes are necessary and what they are. How to make those changes, that will be in an upcoming blog!

Mobile Prophecy?

As they often do, Google gives hints before it turns the search world upside down. The above video is from Bloomberg Business and is an interview with Jason Spero, at that time head of global mobile sales and strategies at Google Inc. The thing that strikes me so interesting about the video is that it is from 2012. For those that may be in the dark, Google has publicly announced that they are bringing about a kind of “Mobilegeddon” come April 21st of this year (2015). This is catching many people off-guard as they do not have their websites Mobile optimized and responsive and will therefore bring about the wrath of Google. But the video above demonstrates Google’s emphasis on mobile a hardy three years ago. We shouldn’t be caught off-guard when Google starts to say – “Hey, this is important…”. But none-the-less, one still needs to determine if their website is ready for the mobile changes, and to take a step back, what are the mobile changes.

Mobile Changes Coming to Google April 21st

Google has seen the increase of mobile usage and search and has realized for some time that many website are not optimized to display on mobile devices properly. In a effort to provide the best results to their users. Google has made a “Google-god” choice. It is going to change the algorithm of mobile search to include an expanded use of mobile-friendliness ranking signals. They state that ” This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. “. This is huge. Google is actually telling us that search results are going to be significantly impacted. And for those that don’t know, often times, Google kind of sneaks these changes in, but this one apparently will make such an impact and be so important that they did want to tell the world.

So what does all of this mean? Google realizes that in order for people on mobile devices to have the best user experience, they need to able to find search results that will appear and perform correctly on their mobile device. For those that don’t know, often times pages are either scaled down to a very tiny version of themselves or worse yet, often broken when viewed on mobile devices. Either experience is less than ideal in Google’s eyes and therefore they’ve called for webmasters to get it right or get out of the rankings for mobile!

What To Do To Get Mobile Ready

In an upcoming episode, we’ll be looking at the specific changes that need to be made and the tools to be able to check if your site is mobile optimized. But for now, this is a fair warning to webmasters everywhere. Even though it’s three years in the making – Be Prepared For Mobilegeddon (dunt, dunt, dunt – you can so hear the scary music in the background). If you want to take the safe and honestly more efficient method than trying to figure it out on your own, hire an agency that specializes in helping local business with SEO and mobile marketing. A Utah SEO company like an ideal choice. They’ve worked with companies for years, helping them get more customers through their doors by using online channels. Whether local SEO, PPC, or mobile marketing they’ve kept on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing and could easily help you get your website mobile responsive and optimized.

Stay on the lookout for an upcoming post on what specific changes you need to make to your website in order for it to rank well in Mobilegeddon…..