Mobile Prophecy?

As they often do, Google gives hints before it turns the search world upside down. The above video is from Bloomberg Business and is an interview with Jason Spero, at that time head of global mobile sales and strategies at Google Inc. The thing that strikes me so interesting about the video is that it is from 2012. For those that may be in the dark, Google has publicly announced that they are bringing about a kind of “Mobilegeddon” come April 21st of this year (2015). This is catching many people off-guard as they do not have their websites Mobile optimized and responsive and will therefore bring about the wrath of Google. But the video above demonstrates Google’s emphasis on mobile a hardy three years ago. We shouldn’t be caught off-guard when Google starts to say – “Hey, this is important…”. But none-the-less, one still needs to determine if their website is ready for the mobile changes, and to take a step back, what are the mobile changes.

Mobile Changes Coming to Google April 21st

Google has seen the increase of mobile usage and search and has realized for some time that many website are not optimized to display on mobile devices properly. In a effort to provide the best results to their users. Google has made a “Google-god” choice. It is going to change the algorithm of mobile search to include an expanded use of mobile-friendliness ranking signals. They state that ” This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. “. This is huge. Google is actually telling us that search results are going to be significantly impacted. And for those that don’t know, often times, Google kind of sneaks these changes in, but this one apparently will make such an impact and be so important that they did want to tell the world.

So what does all of this mean? Google realizes that in order for people on mobile devices to have the best user experience, they need to able to find search results that will appear and perform correctly on their mobile device. For those that don’t know, often times pages are either scaled down to a very tiny version of themselves or worse yet, often broken when viewed on mobile devices. Either experience is less than ideal in Google’s eyes and therefore they’ve called for webmasters to get it right or get out of the rankings for mobile!

What To Do To Get Mobile Ready

In an upcoming episode, we’ll be looking at the specific changes that need to be made and the tools to be able to check if your site is mobile optimized. But for now, this is a fair warning to webmasters everywhere. Even though it’s three years in the making – Be Prepared For Mobilegeddon (dunt, dunt, dunt – you can so hear the scary music in the background). If you want to take the safe and honestly more efficient method than trying to figure it out on your own, hire an agency that specializes in helping local business with SEO and mobile marketing. A Utah SEO company like an ideal choice. They’ve worked with companies for years, helping them get more customers through their doors by using online channels. Whether local SEO, PPC, or mobile marketing they’ve kept on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing and could easily help you get your website mobile responsive and optimized.

Stay on the lookout for an upcoming post on what specific changes you need to make to your website in order for it to rank well in Mobilegeddon…..

Hiring SEOs: What You Need To Know

job-interview_kristinIn this day and age, pretty much anyone can call themselves an SEO. The basic concept of the industry is simple; optimizing content for high rankings right? Wrong! There is much more to search engine optimization that just directing traffic to your website. Increasing the number of visitors to your page is only the first step on your internet marketing journey. Somehow, a Utah SEO company must turn these visitors into revenue. In order to make sure that you are not being taken for a ride by a spammer or scammer, consider the following ideas.

Previous SEO Experience

What is this potential SEO worker’s background? Have they ever done SEO before? Many people fall into the SEO field from a related industry like website design or marketing and PR. Other SEO professionals started SEO as a side job for extra cash, and found out that they were actually quite good at it. Finding someone with more than 2 years of SEO experience is a rarity these days, so don’t be too picky. But don’t be too stringent either.

Continuing Education For SEOs

To be remotely successful in the ever changing SEO world, your optimization candidate must always be on top of the latest tools, tricks, and other updates relevant to the internet marketing field. Always find out what blogs your SEOs are following and where they get their information.

Samples Of Previous Work

You would be a fool not to check the previous SEO campaigns of your potential search engine marketing firm. This is the same as checking references for any other position. Any SEO should readily present reports showing previous traffic increases and ROI, among many other factors.

Which Social Networks Do I Need Part 2

In part 1 of this blog, we discussed some of the major social networks you can use to drive traffic to your website and engage with the rest of the world wide web. Whereas before we spoke about the obvious Facebook, Twitter and Google+, this time we will focus on some of the social networks which are less frequently used by Utah SEO companies.

Social NetworksLinkedIn

LinkedIn was one of the first social networks for businesses to hit the Internet. Believe it or not, LinkedIn still exists today! LinkedIn has one of the most user friendly interfaces of all the social networks. Every button is clearly labeled with words, rather than icons, so you know exactly what your mouse click will result in. There is no weird jargon like “Circles”, “Retweet” or “Secret Group”. LinkedIn is a simple way to display what is essentially your résumé. Since this social network is so old, it easily ranks high on a SERP when someone is looking for your name specifically.


Instagram is a relatively new social network, which was bought by Facebook and thus easily integrates posted content. When you link your Instagram account to Facebook, everything is cross posted without any extra work from you. (Also integrates with Twitter and Tumblr.) Instagram is like a high school popularity contest. Since all of the content is photo driven, users are only looking for eye-candy. This is great for industries like fitness, art, home and garden and food, where you can easily create luscious looking images without too much extra effort. Instagram followers are die hards, much more than any Twitter followers.


Pinterest is a crucial marketing tool for many industries, from crafts, foods, home services, retail, and anything in between. Pinterest is also photo driven, to an extent. Any post will have just a picture to describe it. However, as a business, you can integrate Rich Pins, which is a way of coding your Pinterest board so that every post contains information like Google Map location, product pricing and recipe reviews. Upon clicking on the Pin, users are led to the site which the Pin came from.


Optimizing video content is the next big push according to many career SEOs and web developers. Since videos keep users on a page longer, getting savvy with making, posting and optimizing them is crucial. Creating a YouTube channel lets users easily find your videos. Furthermore, having your YouTube channel host your video, while you also put it on your website, does not count as duplicate content, so that’s great! You can engage people in discussion which can also be a type of traffic baiting strategy when you do it with finesse.


Have fun with social networks. If you own a computer, you most likely spend quite a bit of time on them anyway.

Which Social Networks Do I Need

Popular Social NetworksYou mean there are more than just Facebook? Yes of course! Not only is Twitter a huge player as far as social media marketing, but there are others you may have heard of too. Google+, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube are all important avenues for your social media marketing efforts and, by extension, your SEO Utah efforts as well. Let us dive in and discover the benefits each of these social networks can have for your business.


This is the go-to social network for almost any internet user. By having a presence on Facebook, you will ensure that you are not missed. Google bots most definitely take into account your website’s social media presence. While this is not technically a ranking factor, a strong and engaged social network following, particularly on Facebook, helps with your trust citations. Furthermore, you probably already have a Facebook page, so why not use it to your maximum?


Many people, myself included, are wondering what is the point with Twitter? Facebook is way more fun because it shows the pictures and videos in my News Feed and I don’t have to click anything to see what the poster is talking about. Ah HAH. Did you say “click”? Yes, Twitter forces you to click to the link someone is posting about. In terms of traffic generation, this is absolute gold. Additionally, it is so easy to link your Facebook with your Twitter account. In this way, you can still use Facebook as your primary social networking tool, but all of your posts will get posted to Twitter, with no extra effort from you. You should definitely still log into Twitter periodically however. Engage yourself in other posts, and follow up with anything you have previously posted that may need attention.


Google+ can be a frustrating outlet. No one really engages with stuff that is posted on a Google+ page. It can feel a little lonely posting things with no interaction. Additionally, Google+ is not able to integrate with Facebook or Twitter, so you have to post everything to Google+ first. After that, you can integrate your posts to FB and Twitter. This is Google’s attempt to try and be your #1 social network. As annoying as all of this is, if you are a business owner you must participate with Google+. Your Google+ page is tied directly to you location on Google Maps. We all use Maps as our default directory when we are trying to get somewhere. If you don’t show up on Google Maps, you basically do not exist as a business. One of the ways to increase your rankings in a Google Maps search is to have the most popular page. This translates to: lots of followers, lots of posts, a well rounded profile and numerous reviews.


This is a site for anyone to post content which can have links. The cool thing about Reddit is that the actual users have the power to vote up or down a piece of content. So the users have the power when it comes to the rankings. Very empowering don’t you think? Reddit does not integrate with other social media tools, but you will be surprised at how engaging it is.

Part II: Coming Soon!

LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

Factors that increase your SEO ranking

SEO-31When you go to a search engine and search for a keyword that you are targeting there are many factors that go into where your website ranks. Some think that if they just make a website people will find them. Many who don’t understand SEO or search engine optimization don’t realize all the “behind the scene” work that is done. We have put together a list of things for you to do that will increase your rankings. By understanding how basic search engine optimization works you will be able to get your website ranking on the first page of many search engines.


Let’s first start with your url. Having search engine friendly urls is critical in helping your ranking. This means that you would have a url that looks like instead of as you can see one url makes sense. You understand what the page is about just by the url. The second one could be about really anything. There is nothing there that tells us what the page is even about.

The second thing to look at when it comes to urls is the site structure. If you are selling something you would want your url to look something like this From this url you can see that we have our main domain, then you are looking at the products we offer and then pay per click advertising. Your url should be a breadcrumb trail of where your user has been.

The last thing that we look at when it comes to the factors that urls have on your ranking is the life span of your domain name. Domains that are brand new will ranking lower than those domains that are 5 years old. Take that into consideration when looking at your rankings.


There are three things to watch for when you are doing your on page search engine optimization. Search engines look for content relevance. If the keywords you are targeting are “utah seo company” then your content should be about a utah seo company or seo services. Make sure that you are using meta tags with your targeted keywords as well as watch your keyword density. It used to be that if you wrote “seo company” a hundred times on a page that your site would rank high for that term. The new search engine algorithms are more sophisticated and this is no longer the case. Make sure you aren’t “keyword stuffing” and putting your targeted keywords more than is natural.


This is the meat of your search engine optimization. Once you have all of your on page seo done, search engine friendly urls the next step is to work on your off page seo. This is a job that is never done. Many people hire an seo company to take over this part for them since it is labor intensive. The main factors that go into off page seo is inbound links for directories, blogs, other websites, social media, etc. Getting links from high quality sources will dramatically increase your search engine ranking. The more links you have, the more people will be talking about you, and the more your brand is going to be recognized.


5 Ways to Wow your visitors and increase your conversion rates

Technology-Department-Brawley-1024x776Social networking can be a dubious parkway to overcome. A few viewpoints may be simple and others can be down right confounding. Here are a few tips and ticks that can help you take in more about Social Media, how to utilize it and how it can create heads for you.

1. Cross Promote – When you utilize numerous online networking stages cross advance your posts and shares. When you cross advance it can expand your active clicking factor by 150%.

2. Content Creation and promoting – When you are making substance for any online networking stage verify that you have an agreeable centering. Most social networking posts, tweets, or shares need to be concise to convey the desired information. Be reliable with any social networking stage you utilization.

3. Track your Results- Use social networking checking. Without observing your posts, tweets, offers, and so forth you won’t realize what is going on and what strategies are working for your particular specialty.

4. Verify your posts are enhanced. 44% of online customers utilize a web search tool to discover what they are searching for. When you streamline all your posts, tweets, offers, and so forth you will build your possibility of those customers discovering you.

5. Create a Strategy. Make a long haul plan for what you need to achieve and afterward a transient execution method for every stage.

Assuredly these tips will help you in your journey to vanquish the online networking market in your corner. In the event that you would like more help or need more thoughts regarding online networking marketing check us out for your SEO Utah services.