Which Social Networks Do I Need

Popular Social NetworksYou mean there are more than just Facebook? Yes of course! Not only is Twitter a huge player as far as social media marketing, but there are others you may have heard of too. Google+, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube are all important avenues for your social media marketing efforts and, by extension, your SEO Utah efforts as well. Let us dive in and discover the benefits each of these social networks can have for your business.


This is the go-to social network for almost any internet user. By having a presence on Facebook, you will ensure that you are not missed. Google bots most definitely take into account your website’s social media presence. While this is not technically a ranking factor, a strong and engaged social network following, particularly on Facebook, helps with your trust citations. Furthermore, you probably already have a Facebook page, so why not use it to your maximum?


Many people, myself included, are wondering what is the point with Twitter? Facebook is way more fun because it shows the pictures and videos in my News Feed and I don’t have to click anything to see what the poster is talking about. Ah HAH. Did you say “click”? Yes, Twitter forces you to click to the link someone is posting about. In terms of traffic generation, this is absolute gold. Additionally, it is so easy to link your Facebook with your Twitter account. In this way, you can still use Facebook as your primary social networking tool, but all of your posts will get posted to Twitter, with no extra effort from you. You should definitely still log into Twitter periodically however. Engage yourself in other posts, and follow up with anything you have previously posted that may need attention.


Google+ can be a frustrating outlet. No one really engages with stuff that is posted on a Google+ page. It can feel a little lonely posting things with no interaction. Additionally, Google+ is not able to integrate with Facebook or Twitter, so you have to post everything to Google+ first. After that, you can integrate your posts to FB and Twitter. This is Google’s attempt to try and be your #1 social network. As annoying as all of this is, if you are a business owner you must participate with Google+. Your Google+ page is tied directly to you location on Google Maps. We all use Maps as our default directory when we are trying to get somewhere. If you don’t show up on Google Maps, you basically do not exist as a business. One of the ways to increase your rankings in a Google Maps search is to have the most popular page. This translates to: lots of followers, lots of posts, a well rounded profile and numerous reviews.


This is a site for anyone to post content which can have links. The cool thing about Reddit is that the actual users have the power to vote up or down a piece of content. So the users have the power when it comes to the rankings. Very empowering don’t you think? Reddit does not integrate with other social media tools, but you will be surprised at how engaging it is.

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LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube