Stratagems to Digitally Market Park City Transportation

Stratagems to Digitally Market Park City Transportation

Aug 25, 2017

The Quick Response Digital Marketing blog mail room receive an interesting inquiry the week considering (of all things) Park City transportation and how to digitally market the same. Of course we have extensive knowledge on the subject of digitally marketing all manner of products. As our loyal readers can attest, the process of digitally marketing any product involves any sort of marketing that occurs online. This would include websites and social media marketing primarily. Both of these manners of digitally marketing employ different stratagems and these stratagems both require further investigation which shall be the subject matter of the following two paragraphs.


When we speak of digitally marketing through the use of websites what we are really speaking about search engine optimization. Now the process of search engine optimization can be achieved via several different stratagems unto itself. The first and most obvious stratagem is to attempt to anticipate the search terms that a person who would be performing a web search would most likely use when trying to find a business that provides the particular product or service required which in this case would be transportation in Park City, Utah.

When we speak of digitally marketing through the use of social media we are referring to Facebook and Twitter primarily. Because the users of social media willingly hand over all manner of personal information to these social media platforms for free and in vast quantities they have the ability to zero in on very specific populations of customers. This makes advertising through social media much more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising such as television ads, radio spots and print advertisements. It used to be that traditional advertising put an advertisement out there and hoped that a potential customer would (1) happen to see it and (2) take action in response to seeing it. No longer with the advent of digital marketing.