Top 4 SEO Strategies.




SEO or search engine optimization is a new and exciting way to get your blog or website more incoming traffic in the form of views.  Are we utilizing the this free marketing tool to its fullest potential?  Here are the top five strategies to get your site going.

Number One: Get Quality Links

The first step is to get good quality links.  Part of running a good blog or website is to have good links that people are going to want to share and that they can relate too.  These should be  links that have some good substance be relevant to what your posting about.  Part of this could be posting on a bigger site as a guest.

Number Two:  Get Google Authorship

Google is the biggest search engine out there.  There is a good chance that this is where most of the optimization is going to happen.  Google plus is a great tool.  Have all the authors that write on your blog start a Google plus profile so people can see all the writers.  That way others will see what that they are real people and not a computer.

Number Three:  Set a Canonical URL

This means the single best URL.  If there is more then one you need to note which one is preferred.  So you can get the hype for the right website.   This also helps to get the full value out of the website.  A good URL can also be used as a hook to get more viewers or traffic to your page.

Number Four: Responsive Design

We live in a world where data is at the tips of our fingers with tablets, smart phones.  Not to mention all the data and Wi-Fi that is available searches can be done anywhere and at any time.  With this knowledge your website needs to be compatible with all forms of technology.

If this seems over your head then you can hire a SEO company who will do it Al for you and who have the expertise to get the job done the correct way.