Targeting the most effect social media platform

Targeting the most effect social media platform

Feb 14, 2015

Social media is all the rage online today. There are dozens of platforms that you can advertise on or view others postings. So how do you know which platform is going to be best for you? How will you know where to start? The most important thing to do is START!


Social networking is now the number one activity on the internet. Through social media you can generate feedback, increase brand awareness, share new products, interact with clients, create awareness of issues or generate campaigns. As discussed in previous posts, there are several networking platforms that you can choose from. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Before you decide on which platform is best for you make a plan for you social media strategy, a local SEO company can help you with this.

  1. Establish your market: First you need to determine your demographic. Who are you trying to market to? Is your audience more visual? Do you have a service that you are promoting or are you selling a product? Depending on which demographic you are focusing on will depend on which social networking platform you choose. If you are focusing on the visual platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Youtube are going to be the best fit, where as if you are promoting a service you may want to focus more on Facebook or twitter.
  2. Plan your content: You want to be offering good quality content. It needs to be interesting and engaging for your audience to have the desire to keep them on your site. Whether your content is visual or word based keep it engaging.
  3. Consistency is key: People thrive on consistency. Keep your posting schedule consistent. Post on the same day (even at the same time of day if possible) Your audience wants to know that they can rely on your site. Even your social media sites need to be consistent. They need to fit in with the “feel” of your website. Color schemes, quality of images, logo, etc. Keep it consistent!
  4.  Linking together: Don’t be afraid to link to other companies that are similar to your own. Working closely with other brands or services that are similar to yours will not only boost your products/services but will also help them out as well. This kind of networking will build relationships with those in the same niche as you and your may even find in the long run that it will be more beneficial than you originally thought.
  5. Check out the competition: It is okay to check out your competition and see what they are doing and how they do it. The important thing to remember, if you are going to try to pattern it after them, is to always do things better than they are.
  6. Measuring your success: You can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been. This statement is true in business and in your personal life. There are some amazing tools available that track your social media campaigns so you can know what is working and where you need some improvement.