Which Social Networks Do I Need Part 2

In part 1 of this blog, we discussed some of the major social networks you can use to drive traffic to your website and engage with the rest of the world wide web. Whereas before we spoke about the obvious Facebook, Twitter and Google+, this time we will focus on some of the social networks which are less frequently used by Utah SEO companies.

Social NetworksLinkedIn

LinkedIn was one of the first social networks for businesses to hit the Internet. Believe it or not, LinkedIn still exists today! LinkedIn has one of the most user friendly interfaces of all the social networks. Every button is clearly labeled with words, rather than icons, so you know exactly what your mouse click will result in. There is no weird jargon like “Circles”, “Retweet” or “Secret Group”. LinkedIn is a simple way to display what is essentially your résumé. Since this social network is so old, it easily ranks high on a SERP when someone is looking for your name specifically.


Instagram is a relatively new social network, which was bought by Facebook and thus easily integrates posted content. When you link your Instagram account to Facebook, everything is cross posted without any extra work from you. (Also integrates with Twitter and Tumblr.) Instagram is like a high school popularity contest. Since all of the content is photo driven, users are only looking for eye-candy. This is great for industries like fitness, art, home and garden and food, where you can easily create luscious looking images without too much extra effort. Instagram followers are die hards, much more than any Twitter followers.


Pinterest is a crucial marketing tool for many industries, from crafts, foods, home services, retail, and anything in between. Pinterest is also photo driven, to an extent. Any post will have just a picture to describe it. However, as a business, you can integrate Rich Pins, which is a way of coding your Pinterest board so that every post contains information like Google Map location, product pricing and recipe reviews. Upon clicking on the Pin, users are led to the site which the Pin came from.


Optimizing video content is the next big push according to many career SEOs and web developers. Since videos keep users on a page longer, getting savvy with making, posting and optimizing them is crucial. Creating a YouTube channel lets users easily find your videos. Furthermore, having your YouTube channel host your video, while you also put it on your website, does not count as duplicate content, so that’s great! You can engage people in discussion which can also be a type of traffic baiting strategy when you do it with finesse.


Have fun with social networks. If you own a computer, you most likely spend quite a bit of time on them anyway.