Social Media Marketing VS Email Marketing: Which is better?

downloadThere are many disputes about whether email marketing is something of the past now being replaced by social media marketing. While social media marketing is critical to your business success in this day, studies have show that you shouldn’t give up on email marketing either. The number of people subscribed to your email newsletter list may not be as large as the people that your social media reaches however your newsletter subscribers are more invested in your business and will be more like to visit your site. Your email marketing also has a larger conversion rate than social media marketing. If you website is focused on sales than this is an important factor. Email marketing has a 30% greater conversion than social media.

When your readers opt-in to your email list there is a certain level of interest to your content, meaning they want to know about your products and services, specifically. This interest creates a better relationship with you and your readers. They are a little more invested in your business right from the start. Your email list becomes your target on demand source, they are much closer than social media audience.

Social media marketing is geared towards sharing your status and updates with followers. As your connecting with your readers social media marketing what you are writing is typically much shorter, short and sweet. It is generally less direct and a more entertaining approach. People who find you on social media are more like to stay on social media platforms.

In short, email marketing and social media marketing both have their place in your marketing strategy. Too many are willing to throw away email marketing because of their social media however both are very effective in what the do. If you are able to leverage the strength of email marketing as well as the popular social media marketing your campaigns will be that much more effective. If you are interested in tips and tricks on increasing your marketing strategy contact your SEO company to help formulate the best way to incorporate both email marketing along with your social media marketing.