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Stratagems to Digitally Market Park City Transportation

Posted by on Aug 25, 2017

The Quick Response Digital Marketing blog mail room receive an interesting inquiry the week considering (of all things) Park City transportation and how to digitally market the same. Of course we have extensive knowledge on the subject of digitally marketing all manner of products. As our loyal readers can attest, the process of digitally marketing any product involves any sort of marketing that occurs online. This would include websites and social media marketing primarily. Both of these manners of digitally marketing employ different stratagems and these stratagems both require further investigation which shall be the subject matter of the following two paragraphs. DIGITALLY MARKETING PARK CITY TRANSPORTATION When we speak of digitally marketing through the use of websites what we are really speaking about search engine optimization. Now the process of search engine optimization can be achieved via several different stratagems unto itself. The first and most obvious stratagem is to attempt to anticipate the search terms that a person who would be performing a web search would most likely use when trying to find a business that provides the particular product or...

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Web Design Utah

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015

Panda is a Google algorithm that is designed to filter out pages with weak content from any given SERP. The most recent Panda update occurred in September 2014, and hit thin content pages hard. Even huge e-commerce sites like E-bay suffered due to their minimal product descriptions. E-bay is a huge site right? You would think they know better! The thing is, people who post on E-bay are rarely webmaster or professional SEO Salt Lake City companies. Even if you are not at the professional level, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use the Panda algorithm to your advantage. To do this, follow the 3 simple steps below. Generate Awesome Content By awesome, we mean new, original, and perhaps…jazzy page content that provides a great read for any user. Even if you are talking about plumbing fixtures, there is absolutely no good reason not to make your content engaging, friendly and attractive. This means good use of headline tags, white space, links, text formats  and lists. So far, the rule of thumb for good content has been 1,500 words. Go...

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Mobile Marketing Utah

How to Digitally Market a Tote Pump

Posted by on Oct 24, 2017

There are many ways to market a tote pump marketing. Digital marketing is primarily transacted through web sites and social media. The digital marketing of a product on a website typically occurs on a web site which sells that particular product. The web site usually will include both text content as well as images of the product. The content should be optimized so that it attracts the attention of search engines. This is what is known as search engine optimization. There are many businesses that specialize in search engine optimization and many businesses outsource this activity if they are not well versed in the practice. DIGITALLY MARKETING A TOTE PUMP The digital marketing of a product on a social media platform is done a little differently. Social media platforms have the ability to specifically target its potential customer base who are most likely to purchase a particular product. They are able to do this because the people who use social media platforms willingly hand over personal information in vast amounts. The social media platforms collect all this personal data and then...

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SEO News

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015

As they often do, Google gives hints before it turns the search world upside down. The above video is from Bloomberg Business and is an interview with Jason Spero, at that time head of global mobile sales and strategies at Google Inc. The thing that strikes me so interesting about the video is that it is from 2012. For those that may be in the dark, Google has publicly announced that they are bringing about a kind of “Mobilegeddon” come April 21st of this year (2015). This is catching many people off-guard as they do not have their websites Mobile optimized and responsive and will therefore bring about the wrath of Google. But the video above demonstrates Google’s emphasis on mobile a hardy three years ago. We shouldn’t be caught off-guard when Google starts to say – “Hey, this is important…”. But none-the-less, one still needs to determine if their website is ready for the mobile changes, and to take a step back, what are the mobile changes. Mobile Changes Coming to Google April 21st Google has seen the increase of...

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Crisis, Opportunity and At Will Employment

Crisis, Opportunity and At Will Employment

Aug 9, 2016

Many people feel that outsourcing an IT department to an IT support Austin is an intrinsically negative activity for a company to engage in. They feel this way because in order to outsource a job it means that the people who perform that job or function inside the company will necessarily loose their positions. This is because loosing one’s position and source of income and livelihood is always a disruptive and anxiety ridden experience.


But this experience can also be the opportunity to perhaps improve one’s position as well. It is a well known adage that in the Chinese language the words for “crisis” and “opportunity” are the same word. Unfortunately this adage is somewhat inaccurate as I once had occasion to ask a native Mandarin Chinese speaker whether it is in fact true that “crisis” and “opportunity” are the same word in Chinese. She replied that the two words were similar but not actually the same. Nevertheless, the fact that they are similar is good enough for the sake of this article to make the point I want to make and that point is that having one’s IT job outsourced to a managed IT services Austin is not necessarily a horrible situation.


Many people feel that their “safe” nine to five job working in an office offers them security. Unfortunately, the sense of security that this job provides is illusory. It is illusory because the company they work for can terminate their employment at any time for any non discriminatory reason. This is because non contract employment in the United States is governed by the common law “at will” theory. This of course is not true in other countries particularly in Western Europe for example. In France there are legal protections that make it difficult for a company to terminate their employees. These types of protections although providing some degree of security for the employee tend to have a dampening effect on overall levels of employment.

A Conversation with an IT Tech

A Conversation with an IT Tech

Aug 6, 2016

I am standing here with an IT Tech. I understand that the business you work for has recently outsourced their IT department to an IT support Austin.

IT : That is correct.

So are you going to loose your job?

IT : I am not sure about that. My department has certainly downsized since the outsourcing but we still have equipment here that requires on the spot maintenance and servicing. So I think they will keep me around to serve that function.

Have they promised you that your position is secure for the foreseeable future?

IT : In today’s corporate environment there are no guarantees of employment without a contract. All employees are considered “at will” employees by law which means the employee can quit at any time for any reason and the employer can fire the employee at any time for any reason.

That arrangement seems to favor the employer more than the employee.

IT : You can look at it that way. But if an employee has valuable skills he or she can shop them around to whoever is willing to pay the most for them.

That assumes that the economy is running under normal parameters. If the economy is sluggish it might not matter how good your skills are. You still might find yourself in a position where you cannot find a job.

IT : That is true and I have been certainly thinking about that ever since my company outsourced its IT department to a managed IT services Austin. However I guess in this day and age employees either have to try harder or become entrepreneurs if they want job security.

Right. It just seems like a tenuous situation in which to build a life where the flow of income can be disrupted at any point.

Links and SEO

Links and SEO

Jun 30, 2016

Search engine optimization is the process by which websites make themselves known on the internet. In a sense, SEO Park City businesses speak the language of the internet and understand its nuances. This is important because speaking on the internet is not accomplished effectively in the same way speaking in the public square is accomplished effectively. In the public square a person can shout at the top of their lungs or speak in a compelling manner or about a subject of interest in order to capture the attention of their intended audience. Not so on the internet.


In order for a SEO Utah business to capture the attention of its intended audience on the internet it must first capture the attention of search engines. This is because the intended audience is more than likely going to use a search engine in order to find the information contained on the website. Accordingly, in order to optimize the content on the website such that it makes itself known on the internet the content must do what it takes to capture the attention of the search engine.


As stated earlier, search engines are attracted to specific things. One of those things is the amount of links on other unrelated websites point to another website. The logic behind this is that the more links to a particular website in conjunction with the use of specific keywords, the more important or relevant that website would be in relation to those keywords. As such, when a person surfing the web uses those particular keywords the higher that website would appear in the search engine listings relative to other websites with less links pointing to it. Of course there are other factors to consider in terms of what techniques tend to optimize internet content over and above the use of links. None of them, however, involve shouting at the top of one’s lungs in the middle of the public square.

Capably Administered Companies Choose to Outsource IT Functionality

Capably Administered Companies Choose to Outsource IT Functionality

Jun 7, 2016

Any capably administered company in need of IT support Austin should consider the option of outsourcing their IT department entirely rather than hiring an internal staff to perform this very crucial function. This advice is sound because when a company makes the decision to outsource its IT functions it will no longer have to concern itself with the one million and one technical problems that can arise when maintaining an IT system in house. This headache is assumed by the company to whom the IT functions have been outsourced.


Once the IT functions of a company have been suitably outsourced to a managed IT services Austin company it will suddenly find itself newly liberated to focus all of the energy that would have otherwise been expended on in house IT functions to the function of running the company’s business. Accordingly, the company will be able to focus its precious time, money and human capital on doing whatever it may be that the company does best. Moreover, once the company who has outsourced its IT functions has become liberated to focus its energy upon its business it is highly likely that said company will find itself in the position to possibly become more profitable in the process.


For all the aforementioned reasons logically elaborated upon above there can be no debating the fact that the outsourcing of a company’s IT functions is a necessity that must become manifest in order for it to survive and properly function. Fortunately there are many businesses to which the IT functionality of a company can be outsourced. This is what they do best and are designed to do. And if they focus upon the business they do best why shouldn’t any other company do the same thing? The simple answer must be that there is no reason why they should not.

Blog Networks

Blog Networks

May 13, 2016

One popular Utah SEO technique is to create what is known as a blog network. A blog network is sometimes called a “link farm” but is essentially a collection of blogs which have each been created and are owned by one SEO Salt Lake City business. Sometimes the blogs are connected but they do not have to be in order for their search engine optimization qualities to function effectively. Each blog entry will contain hyperlinks to other websites for the purpose of increasing their search engine rankings or revenue which is generated from the blog’s advertising.

WordPress is a popular platform for creating blog networks for the purpose of search engine optimization. This is true because WordPress allows an SEO Park City business to create an account with numerous sub accounts. This allows multiple blogs to be posted to by (typically freelance) content creators in order for the links within the blogs to appear to originate from multiple sources. The intention behind this is to “fool” the search engines into thinking that the website linked to is more relevant than other websites and thus increase its rank in the search engine’s listings.

This technique is frowned upon by search engines however for the obvious reason that artificially increasing the relevance of a website in this manner defeats the purpose of the search engine’s goal to provide relevant information to its customers. To this end some search engines have sought to identify blog networks with “thin content” in order to prevent their content from being considered by the web crawlers designed to measure the relevance of a website by enumerating the number of links to it exist. For this reason some SEO Utah businesses employ content creators to create content which is less thin than auto generated content which had been previously labeled as thin by search engines.

Why You Need Video Production Salt Lake City for Your Business

When you click on social media networks these days, you would notice a wide variety of video content and traditional text articles. The healthy mixture of the content formats is what keeps people engaged with a particular website. Online marketers are switching up with texts and videos because people vary. Some like to read but others find video production Salt Lake City more enticing. If you have a start-up business and you are planning to take your products and services online, this article would be of great help for you because we will assess which type of advertising medium is more effective: videos or texts? Let’s find out!

Online Marketing: Videos Vs Texts

Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to click and share a video rather than a text article. With the same case study, they also found out that videos have a higher click through rate compared to rich media or banner ads. If you go to Facebook, you can see for yourself that videos are shared even up to 12 times more than text posts and links combined! The main reason behind this is because people find watching videos more entertaining than reading a huge pile of text in their screens.

Choosing a Video Production Salt Lake City Company for Your Video Ads

Now that you know that videos are more effective in marketing your products and services online, the next step you now have to take is choosing the right video production company in Salt Lake City. What you should do is ask for their video rates. They have to have reasonable prices especially that you are opening a start-up business and you have to cut costs as much as possible. Be careful of the hidden charges as well so make sure you ask them regarding travel expenses, additional editing and music licensing – basically, the whole package.

SEO Not Necessarily for Human Consumption

SEO Not Necessarily for Human Consumption

Mar 24, 2016

When writing SEO Salt Lake City for web bots, although correct grammar is not required, artful content creators will seek ways to weave the keywords into text that reads as if it is written for human consumption. This is a good practice because web bots are designed to react to actual content and discard content that is obvious spam. The question remains how competent a web bot is at this task. Content creators would do well to anticipate that web bots are getting better at their task on a daily basis. As such creating content as if the target audience is an actual human is good insurance against a web bot discarding the content as spam.

A typical strategy for most Utah SEO outfits is to create a series of “fake blogs” intended to trick the web bot into thinking it is looking at content written by a disinterested third party. This content need only be three hundred words in length (typically amounting to three paragraphs of one hundred or so words each). Within this content there should be at least two key words and two links back to whatever website the SEO content is trying to enhance in the search engine listings. Moreover, the content has to be mostly or completely original. To top it off, adding a picture in combination with the aforementioned seems to be enough (for now) to fool the web bots into thinking the content is sufficiently “legitimate” to positively influence the ranking of the website linked to in the content.

Ultimately, the more legitimate links to a particular website in existence out there on the web, the higher the website linked to will appear on search engine listings when searching for the keywords embedded in the content. As such one strategy employed by SEO outfits is to create content web bots will deem legitimate but not necessarily for human consumption.

How To Engage Your Social Media Audience With Video

How To Retain More Viewers On Social Media

65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video, which is more than we can say about text-based content. So if you have a message to get across (and why wouldn’t you if you’re creating content?), video might be the way to go. Get the job done professionally with our Video Production Salt Lake City team. For an affordable rate, you too can start taking the masses by storm.