Hiring SEOs: What You Need To Know

job-interview_kristinIn this day and age, pretty much anyone can call themselves an SEO. The basic concept of the industry is simple; optimizing content for high rankings right? Wrong! There is much more to search engine optimization that just directing traffic to your website. Increasing the number of visitors to your page is only the first step on your internet marketing journey. Somehow, a Utah SEO company must turn these visitors into revenue. In order to make sure that you are not being taken for a ride by a spammer or scammer, consider the following ideas.

Previous SEO Experience

What is this potential SEO worker’s background? Have they ever done SEO before? Many people fall into the SEO field from a related industry like website design or marketing and PR. Other SEO professionals started SEO as a side job for extra cash, and found out that they were actually quite good at it. Finding someone with more than 2 years of SEO experience is a rarity these days, so don’t be too picky. But don’t be too stringent either.

Continuing Education For SEOs

To be remotely successful in the ever changing SEO world, your optimization candidate must always be on top of the latest tools, tricks, and other updates relevant to the internet marketing field. Always find out what blogs your SEOs are following and where they get their information.

Samples Of Previous Work

You would be a fool not to check the previous SEO campaigns of your potential search engine marketing firm. This is the same as checking references for any other position. Any SEO should readily present reports showing previous traffic increases and ROI, among many other factors.