Mobile Prophecy?

As they often do, Google gives hints before it turns the search world upside down. The above video is from Bloomberg Business and is an interview with Jason Spero, at that time head of global mobile sales and strategies at Google Inc. The thing that strikes me so interesting about the video is that it is from 2012. For those that may be in the dark, Google has publicly announced that they are bringing about a kind of “Mobilegeddon” come April 21st of this year (2015). This is catching many people off-guard as they do not have their websites Mobile optimized and responsive and will therefore bring about the wrath of Google. But the video above demonstrates Google’s emphasis on mobile a hardy three years ago. We shouldn’t be caught off-guard when Google starts to say – “Hey, this is important…”. But none-the-less, one still needs to determine if their website is ready for the mobile changes, and to take a step back, what are the mobile changes.

Mobile Changes Coming to Google April 21st

Google has seen the increase of mobile usage and search and has realized for some time that many website are not optimized to display on mobile devices properly. In a effort to provide the best results to their users. Google has made a “Google-god” choice. It is going to change the algorithm of mobile search to include an expanded use of mobile-friendliness ranking signals. They state that ” This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. “. This is huge. Google is actually telling us that search results are going to be significantly impacted. And for those that don’t know, often times, Google kind of sneaks these changes in, but this one apparently will make such an impact and be so important that they did want to tell the world.

So what does all of this mean? Google realizes that in order for people on mobile devices to have the best user experience, they need to able to find search results that will appear and perform correctly on their mobile device. For those that don’t know, often times pages are either scaled down to a very tiny version of themselves or worse yet, often broken when viewed on mobile devices. Either experience is less than ideal in Google’s eyes and therefore they’ve called for webmasters to get it right or get out of the rankings for mobile!

What To Do To Get Mobile Ready

In an upcoming episode, we’ll be looking at the specific changes that need to be made and the tools to be able to check if your site is mobile optimized. But for now, this is a fair warning to webmasters everywhere. Even though it’s three years in the making – Be Prepared For Mobilegeddon (dunt, dunt, dunt – you can so hear the scary music in the background). If you want to take the safe and honestly more efficient method than trying to figure it out on your own, hire an agency that specializes in helping local business with SEO and mobile marketing. A Utah SEO company like an ideal choice. They’ve worked with companies for years, helping them get more customers through their doors by using online channels. Whether local SEO, PPC, or mobile marketing they’ve kept on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing and could easily help you get your website mobile responsive and optimized.

Stay on the lookout for an upcoming post on what specific changes you need to make to your website in order for it to rank well in Mobilegeddon…..

11 Social Media Marketing Strategies that really work

Social media buttonsWhen marketing on your social media accounts it can be confusing. Knowing what to share, when to share, and what people are interested in can be a tricky process. Especially now when Facebook, Twitter and so many others have their own algorithm that decides when and what your friends or followers see. We have come up with 14 tested social media marketing strategies that are sure to help you in your social media marketing efforts.

  1. Commitment. The first thing it takes is commitment. Social media marketing isn’t something that can be overlooked. It takes time and effort but is well worth it in the end.
  2. Position yourself to be an expert. If you are sharing information that isn’t of value no one will listen. No one wants to listen to someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. So become an expert in your area and offer advise to your followers.
  3. Make it Meaningful. If you aren’t talking about anything meaningful, then again, no one is going to listen. Make sure what you are contributing is relevant to your audience.
  4. Quantity isn’t Quality. Keep it simple. Offer small morsels of advice or tips instead of rambling on.
  5. Be yourself. No one likes people who only talk about themselves. Instead be authentic. Show your followers your personality by drawing on past experiences and humor.
  6. Make conversations. Your social media outlets are a two way street. Give your audience opportunity to talk back, share their experiences, etc.
  7. Build relationships. When you comment on your audiences views or opinions that they have shared with you then you can build that relationship of trust.
  8. Stay informed. What is popular today many not be popular tomorrow. Staying up on trends will help you be the go to person in your industry.
  9. Use multimedia. A picture is worth a thousand words so share photos, videos, etc. to get your message across.
  10. Patience is crucial. Social Media success isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time to cultivate.
  11. Consider being a blogger. Most social media leaders maintain a blog too. Social media is the outlet to market their new blog posts and ideas. Consider starting a blog to boost your ROI.

Social media campaigns can be successful if you market it the right way. Make sure you are taking all of these tips into consideration when you are creating your social marketing plan. If you are in need of help creating a social media plan or looking for a virtual assistant to help you execute your plan a local utah seo company can help you. They have all the skills and knowledge to point you in the right direction or to take over your entire social media marketing campaign and make it work for you.

3 Inovative Ways to increase your Facebook Following

Topic - FacebookFacebook is a marketing jungle. When Facebook was first introduced many people saw it as a way for people to just stay connected with friends from high school. In the recent years Facebook has turned into a marketing genius. Businesses are staying connected with their customers. It’s an amazing way for customers to return to businesses because of the connections that are made. So if you are a business, how do you get or increase your Facebook followers? Here are 3 tips.



  1. Use big images. The perfect aspect ratio for your images on Facebook is 400px x 209px. When you use images people are more likely to share your content and like your posts. The best ratio size will make the user experience for mobile and desktop easier.
  2. Share posts from other Facebook pages that are in your niche. Not only does this help increase your shares, but it will give your Facebook page more authority.
  3. Add the Facebook share button to your website. Make it easier for you customers to share your content by adding the share button to your content. You can put the Facebook share button at the top and the bottom of the page.

Try using these three tips to increase your Facebook followers. For more information or other great ideas click here.

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