3 Inovative Ways to increase your Facebook Following

Topic - FacebookFacebook is a marketing jungle. When Facebook was first introduced many people saw it as a way for people to just stay connected with friends from high school. In the recent years Facebook has turned into a marketing genius. Businesses are staying connected with their customers. It’s an amazing way for customers to return to businesses because of the connections that are made. So if you are a business, how do you get or increase your Facebook followers? Here are 3 tips.



  1. Use big images. The perfect aspect ratio for your images on Facebook is 400px x 209px. When you use images people are more likely to share your content and like your posts. The best ratio size will make the user experience for mobile and desktop easier.
  2. Share posts from other Facebook pages that are in your niche. Not only does this help increase your shares, but it will give your Facebook page more authority.
  3. Add the Facebook share button to your website. Make it easier for you customers to share your content by adding the share button to your content. You can put the Facebook share button at the top and the bottom of the page.

Try using these three tips to increase your Facebook followers. For more information or other great ideas click here.